The Indie Film Project

19 Jul

So here’s the scoop – we’re making an indie, no-budget feature-length film, called JACKBELL.

There was a time when the whole ‘no-budget’ comment would elicit groans, and conjure images of 20-somethings engaging in a 90-minute naval-gazing festival, and often resulting in an audience bored to tears (this audience, anyway!). Not to say there aren’t some great films along similar lines, but the format was generally brought about by the lack of funding and…despite all good intentions…for every Ed Burns there were a couple of thousand…er…other people.

Today, thanks to digital coolness, not having a budget is still limiting, but not nearly to the extent it used to be.

With this blog, we’re going to document the JACKBELL production, from beginning to end, for better or worse, til death us do part. We will share all the blood, sweat, tears, trials/tribulations, fights, hugs, backstabbings, bitchiness, cattiness, drama on-screen, drama off-screen, emotional breakdowns and euphoric highs from the pre-production stage all the way through principal photography and post-production, where we’ll all come out holding a shiny and new feature film like a child clutching an over-sized, slightly-melting, messy and delicious chocolate bar.

We’re shooting HD 1080p on the Canon T2i which will be mounted on a…er…Domestically Constructed (ie. home-made) Fig Rig style contraption. If you see me on the street, I sell those…shhh….

We’re recording sound on the digital H2 Zoom, mounted on an equally Domestically Constructed boom pole (a modified, old Karaoke mic-stand).

Our Green Screen is made from a couple lengths of fabric purchased at discount from ‘Dressew’ on Hastings St. The cast will provide their own wardrobe and do their own make-up (except for FX stuff).

Hair, ditto.

Stunts, ditto-o.

Any specific set-dressings we need will be purchased from the likes of Ikea or Walmart, and then returned afterwards: “It just didn’t suit/fit/match”. So, FYI, if you buy new curtains next year…you might want to inspect them for fake blood stains. Said blood will be concocted in my kitchen with Syrup, Cocoa Powder, Food Colouring (red with a dash of green and/or blue, depending), and Mint for that fresh-blood taste.

The script was written in white chalk on jagged chunks of slate torn from the roof of a condemned church, and the score will be composed by banging two rusty spoons against an old metal washboard.

Just kidding – we actually had two sticks of coloured chalk, and the spoons are new(ish).

We’re taking inspiration from all the great debut films – Blood Simple, El Mariachi, Brothers McMullen, Moon, Reservoir Dogs, Monsters, Swingers, Shallow Grave, Clerks. Obviously there are many more…remind me of a few and I’ll check them out if I haven’t already seen them. And recently-released or even still-in-production stuff is inspiring, like Hobo With A Shotgun and Locked In A Garage Band.

So come along with us, enjoy the excitement when it’s going well, and talk us down off the ledge when it isn’t.

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